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With lively, informative news content and the only comprehensive, complete calendar source for arts, entertainment and events, City Pages has been an integral part of the Wausau/Central Wisconsin area since 1993.

Published every Thursday, City Pages is a great way to reach tens of thousands of active people in the Wausau area market. Our readers are well educated, professional, involved, and have expendable income.

Average weekly circulation

17,400   Audited quarterly and annually by the national media firm Verified Audit Circulation. Verification of circulation is conducted by monitoring distribution locations. Additionally, a review of internal records is conducted by a specially trained auditor in conformity with accepted circulation audit procedures. Printing, distribution and subscription records as well as financial documents in support of data are reviewed prior to issuance of the Initial Audit Report and annually thereafter.

City Pages is the Wausau, Wis. area’s news & entertainment weekly. It is distributed every Thursday to carefully selected locations in and around the Wausau area, including: Marathon, Merrill, Mosinee, Plover, Rothschild, Schofield, Stevens Point, Wausau and Weston.

City Pages circulation is not forced, which means every copy circulated is sought out. It is free, convenient, and accessible.

Advertising logistics

• City Pages is published Thursday mornings (Wednesdays for certain holidays).

• Ad space reservations due by end of business on Fridays prior to publication.

• Our in-house designers can produce your ad, or professionally made PDFs may be submitted, contact us for specifications.

• Print sizes and rates based on a modular system—3/4-page, ½-page, 1/3-page, etc.

• Production of online advertising on our website generally follows industry standards (banner, rectangle, etc). Special online opportunities also may be available.

• For more information please email: or call 715.845.5171.

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