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Classified Displays
RATE: $50 per inch

You have a more flexibility and creativity with Classified display ads. The ad is boxed. You can choose different fonts & sizes, logos and add images that fit within your ad size.
Add color for only $5 per week!

Classified Display ads measure:
2.296" wide by the number of inches high that you choose. We will create your ad for you or you can submit your camera-ready display ad to:

We accept press-ready ads in:
InDesign CS5, Photoshop CS5 or Illustrator CS4 (saved as EPS)
Black & white or full-color:
Zipped and packaged InDesign file
Image quality: Newsprint has an approx. 15% dot grain, which means everything will become darker and softer. Be sure to set blacks at 80%. Tinted backgrounds with type overlays should be kept 15% or lighter. Sharpen your image more than you feel necessary. Minimum resolution
is 200 dpi for greyscales and CMYK.
Line art should be 600 dpi.


On the back of City Pages

Cost: $58 per week - buy three weeks, get the fourth week FREE! (ad must stay the same, no changes permitted)
Mechanical measurements: 2.25" wide X 1.375" high. Camera-ready ads are accepted in the formats listed above.
Minimum resolution is 300 dpi.

Classified line ads

Headline: $11 per line; Body copy: $10 per line
Buy three weeks and get a fourth week
(Ads may run non-consecutive weeks, but must remain unchanged
for the full four weeks to qualify for the free week.)

Text changes: $5 per week
(i.e. italics, bolding, underlining, or wording changes)

To submit a Classified ad, please use the form below
download a PDF form here.

The deadline for Classified ad copy is noon
on the Tuesday prior to its publication.

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Email address*
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max. per line)
Body copy*
(60 characters
max. per line)
Color* ($5 per week)
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Select your color
($15 per 1/2 column inch per week)
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Buy 3 weeks get
a 4th week FREE!*
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