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The Marathon County Board voted Wednesday to renew the $25 wheel tax instated last year to help pay for county road maintenance. Read more

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Karger: Wheel tax or no, shortfall predicted for next year Read more

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Property owners in Wausau will pay more in taxes next year, thanks to a tax hike approved this month. Read more

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Mayor: If state and county funding continues to shrink, the roadway funding gap will only increase. Read more

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Mayor Robert Mielke, along with city Finance Director MaryAnn Groat, will host the meetings ahead of the November 8 referendum on a $20 wheel tax to begin in 2018. Read more

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What local leaders aren't telling you about the proposed wheel taxes in Wausau and Marathon County Read more

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The county's wheel tax takes effect next year, and a Wausau wheel tax, if approved, would take effect after the county's tax expires. Read more

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